Saturday, September 12, 2009

New at the end of summer....

I've been wondering, reading, thinking, making, moving and more, but I have not been blogging. In the NW when the weathers good you got to go and enjoy it, since it's here for such a short time. I believe this is the last over 80 degree day of the summer. Fall and soon winter will be an ongoing situation, cloudy, overcast, drizzle, rain, cloudy, wind, did I mention cloudy?

Today, I will pick up one of two new students that will be staying with me this year. It will be different this year, since I'm now without any of my own kids at home. I will share the experiences of two international students each day on my own. It's exciting to expand my little world and share in their view of our area and lives.

So, even with the sun shining, I thought I'd take a last quiet minute and share what's new here at the end of summer.

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