Saturday, June 27, 2009

This years learning....

Lacto-Fermentation...that's the skill I'll strive to become proficient at during these summer months. The health benefits are there and it's another way to preserve food for later use, good for sustainability.

As a kid my Grandma made canned pickles and mix veggie pickles. I remember having them in the summers I spent there, but they were not a part of my life the rest of the year. They were yummy, it's surprising to me how there's such a gap between what was normal in my Grandma's life and what I was taught as normal.

Right now I'm doing some research and planning to start small a few jars of carrots and maybe some cabbage...I think it will grow from there...finding yogurt to drain for the whey and checking into kefir grains.

Have you tried fermenting your our veggies at home? I'd love to here any tips or suggestions.


  1. I tried making kraut. It didn't turn out for me though. Once I get better organized here I plan to try again. I think I will ferment without the whey next time like this

    I got kefir grains yesterday. I'm hoping they brew well.

  2. Good luck on the kefir grains, hope you let us know how they work out. It's interesting and I'm curious about it. I read a little about the process, I'm just mainly a water drinker and think that it wouldn't get drank here.