Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project 1001 - Outside the lines

I've always had a difficult time staying in the lines. It's a issue that has plagued me time and time again. Once, I have an understanding of something, my mind tends to want to make it 'better' or make it more appropriate for me. Years ago, I came across a post - Project 1001, it's about completing 101 things in 1001 days. It inspired me and I wanted to give it try.

I started my list December 15, 2007 and decided that I wanted things that were important or significant to me. The first 10 were easy, the next ten were harder to find and it got progressively more difficult. I realized the parameters needed to be modified. Rather than start with all 101, I would add to the list as I went along to include new learning and exploration likewise if a item is no long of importance, I would delete it. Doing it this way created a 1001 day issue and I figured the time frame wasn't as important as completing the activities with out stress.

Currently, I have 61 items on my list, 20 of them are completed and I have 41 items to be done, four are in process. This growing changing list is a reflection of me. It highlights where I'm headed, the new learning I'm hoping to find, the joy to be found near and far, adventures to seek, service to share. It also, allows me to prune the items that no longer a focus or direction I'm headed.

Some are simple and some are lengthy. Here are a few: sell my condo, build a sandcastle, raise chickens for eggs, learn to can peaches, grow and preserve veggies from my garden for the year, visit Missouri, make a quilt, buy a farm...

In a way it's like an inventory to be, which is outside of the lines for most inventories. Where do you go outside the lines?

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