Monday, May 11, 2009

Mixing, rolling, shaping, baking...

Several batches were made today to restocked the freezer. A couple that are baked and a couple to be baked and one to boil, later. It's a good feeling to have some staple items in the freezer to help ward off those nights when I'm tired and don't want to cook everything from scratch. Our new inventory includes two kinds of pizza dough(GF & regular), bagels, GF noodles and GF bread. Should hold us for a week or two.

There's a big savings in making gluten free items from scratch and helpful to keep a supply on hand. I was able used my homemade rice milk in a couple of gluten free baking recipes. And...a drummer roll please.....the rice milk experiment was successful!!! Next time, I'll increase the amount of rice milk to line up with my normal baking and cooking patterns. It was a day of mixing, rolling, shaping and baking!!!

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  1. Oh, and you're gluten free too! So am I (newbie)! I'm new to your blog and am going to enjoy reading it, I can tell.