Monday, May 4, 2009

A Mess....of GF Noodles

As a kid in my grandma's kitchen, she often said 'I'm going to make a mess of noodles' or 'a mess of peas' or 'a mess of berries'. It wasn't a batch or a recipe, but a mess and that seemed incredibly funny to me, who had learned to associate a mess with a thing to be avoided from my parents. My grandma's messes were fun and yummy!

So, today after much procrastination, I made gluten free noodles. I came upon a recipe at Knights and Maidens and thought it looked like it easy and with good results. I wish I could say I followed the recipe exactly, but, I was distracted added too much potato starch, adjusted the corn starch to off set it and added two extra egg yolks left from making bread. The results were great! I plan on trying again, maybe even following the recipe as written. Either way, one more activity tried and learned. One mess down! Lots to go....

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  1. Way to go! The only thing we make a "mess of" here is greens. I think it is a Southern term. Still sounds funny to my Northern ears. :)