Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mending...stitches and beliefs

I'm not good about getting around to mending things. It's so easy to put it off or pick up a replacement rather than fix the item that needs repaired. There's lots of excuses that come to mind, but, none of them are very good and I'm not sure they are the real reasons. I think it's about comfort and ease. And, the comfortable, easy thing is to toss it and get something else. Since my spending freeze, that's not an option I'm taking now. It's encouraged me to look at my attitude toward what I have and the best way to maintain it.

I've tried to not buy into the media selling the idea's of needing new this and perfect that and yet, I find it's still somehow it's permeated my consciousness. I've spent time reevaluating my actions and thought about how I want to live my life. It's important to me to use my resources wisely. Recommitting to the belief of using things up and using things until they are worn out.

Today, I spent a short amount of time mending my favorite jammie bottoms and a camisole. I was unable to wear either for a few months and now they are back in my closet ready to go. Both had minor issues and were repaired with very little resources other than my time and some thread. These two items are done and I'm sure there are more mending to add to my list...how about you?


  1. I can certainly appreciate what you mean about that ingrained sense of needing to buy a new replacement rather than repairing the old. I've been a happy-go-lucky consumer until recently.

    I do, however, have some sewing skills so I'm not as bad as some of my friends who, not knowing how to sew a button back on a shirt will just toss it in the bin.

  2. It's good to have a few of the basic skills. I feel lucky to have a little sewing. When I first left home, I could hardly cook at all. It was a disaster for awhile, but I did finally learn. I tossed a lot of poorly prepared food along the way. Glad that's gotten better, my food budget couldn't handle it now.