Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fiddling? ...Fiddling!

I'm going to give fiddling a try. Over at coldantlerfarm she's hosting a fiddle up...strikes me as a fiddle a-long. So, I'm going to try and land a 4/4 violin and a book with CD and give fiddlin' a solid fiddling chance. This will be the challenge, finding the violin in my budget!

I haven't played music since I was a kid, but would love to play. This appeals, she's asking for 15 minutes of practice a day, I think I stand a lot better shot at it than I did at practicing the piano as a kid. What a good opportunity to stumble along with people around the web, learn something new and to have unlimited laughter filled moments.

This is open to anyone and we are just getting started, so if you feel like fiddling. Stop by and fiddle up!

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