Friday, January 30, 2009

Guinea Fowl

Any time I hear someone mention Guinea Fowl, I think of Notting Hill. Where Julia Roberts is a vegetarian and tells the host of the dinners she's at 'Best Guinea Fowl I've ever had'. It makes me smile, I'm not sure I knew what exactly a Guinea Fowl was, but have found out it is not the little squab I thought it was.

Guinea Fowl known for being a farmers dog, they also, eat all kinds of bugs, ticks and take on snakes, too. This is my kind of fowl! I hear they are noisy, so, we'll need to check into taming that. What a nice surprise, tick control and they are entertaining as well.

Might get their own reality TV show.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Farm Quest

Today's the day...The beginning of the Farm Quest, a least online.

It will take some time to have all the pieces ready to go and the economy isn't helping us out with that right now, either. So, I want to take time to look at the things we can do now to prepare, plan, and put into place. Skills that we might need to have, equipment for projects, resources to refer to, big buckets of humor and I'm sure much, much more. This is our journey, the first keyed in step on our Farm Quest.